Mion srl was founded in the early 1970s as a manufacturer of internal conveyance systems for industry and, more precisely, as a manufacturer of conveyor belts and roller conveyors. Beside these systems, we have always also built driven slat conveyors, angle conveyors, track roller conveyors, lifts, loaders and unloaders and end-of-line transfer systems. Our conveyors guarantee efficient management and handling of a vast range of materials and can be used in many different sectors.

Our internal conveyors can be outfit with end-of-line systems and units for handling and storage of various materials, thus providing a complete system able to cover the entire production flow. We set out to meet the customer's final expectations and guarantee high quality and reliability standards.

A wide range of production sectors use transport systems, for example: wood and furniture, sheet metal and profiles, plastics and mouldings, glass and marble works, packaging, and much more.

We have always cooperated with sector leaders, offering high quality, reliable custom conveyors and transport systems. This is borne out by our many years of profitable cooperation with our clientele.

-angle disk conveyors for panels
-angle roller conveyors for panels
-double belt conveyors
-belt conveyors
-disk and roller conveyors
-food-grade belt conveyors
-motor-driven roller conveyors
-conveyors for pallets
-belt conveyors with side guides
-panel feed conveyors
-metal tube conveyors
-vacuum belt conveyors
-plate conveyors
-roller and belt conveyors
-taper roller conveyors

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