With its own engineering office, Mion srl can offer its customers a full range service.

For us, the customer's problem, the solution, ongoing development — moving from the technical design all the way to actual manufacture of the item — are the building blocks of mutual cooperation and reliability and, in the end, this always leads to mutual satisfaction.

Customers increasingly turn to builders like Mion srl who can guarantee full range development of their ideas, possibility with the innovative, creative solutions that are essential if they want to remain at the cutting edge and be competitive in their own sectors.

With its years of experience, Mion srl provides innovative, reliable technical solutions that blend design creativity with sturdy construction, managed by its own engineering office, working in tune with the final customer.
- Cutter design
- plate transport design
- pallet transport design
- pneumatic plate design
- Cartesian movement design
- roller conveyor design
- painting machinery design
- profile unloading and stacking system design
- sheet metal transport design

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